Posting DVDs now an act of “Terrorism”?

London, England, Dec 05, 2010 – In what many believe to be an extraordinary abuse of police-empowering legislation, counter-terrorism officers have pressed-forward in their plans to convict a British man of a major criminal offense, for posting DVD copies of a documentary film he produced, to the crown court in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Anthony John Hill, aged 62, also known as “Muad’Dib” the producer of the documentary film,“7/7 Ripple Effect”, has been charged with “intending to pervert the course of justice,” after counter-terrorism police investigated him for sending copies of his film to the British court, requesting the court administrators deliver them to the judge and jury-foreman in a trial related to the London Underground bombings on July 7th, 2005.  This has always been common practice in Britain, as people send opinions or evidence, openly or anonymously, to courthouses all the time, acting as an “amicus curiae” (a friend of the court).

Now—posting DVDs to a court is a crime—and possibly “terrorism”…  Do you feel safer?  Or have things gone too far?

The film itself,“7/7 Ripple Effect”, has gained international notoriety for using official government and mainstream media reports to highlight irregularities and impossibilities in the Home Office’s official take, and then re-take, on what happened.  Initially dismissed by many as “conspiracy theory”, recent testimony at the 7/7 inquest, in tandem with deeper independent investigations over the years, is increasingly proving that the film is more fact than theory—putting the government in an uncomfortable situation.

Mr. Hill believes that it is due to the take-off success of his film, and it’s irrefutable contents, that he’s now being targeted and harassed by the authorities.  This claim appears to be well-founded, as the lead counter-terrorism officer handling the case stated this past week that when Mr. Hill was initially arrested, his friends and supporters also sent DVD copies of the same film to the courthouse that he appeared before. In other words, they did the exact same thing that Mr. Hill is now in jail for, but the officer admitted plainly that the police had no intention of even investigating those other acts, never mind prosecuting anyone.

With all the controversy stirred up by people injured in the blasts and the families of the people that died, as well as independent investigative reporting and now the plainly-admitted double-standards of the authorities in targeting someone with an “unauthorized” viewpoint, it appears that the British peoples' trust in their government is reaching its lowest levels ever and they're just not buying the “terrorism” and “national security” excuses for those in government to be able to do whatever they want.

After already having to change the official government narrative on more than one occasion, and with MI5 making every effort possible to have secret, closed-door hearings at the recent inquest, its becoming more and more clear that the Home Office and MI5 have something to hide.  It seems clear at this point that Mr. Hill’s film,“7/7 Ripple Effect”, is bringing some hidden things to light.

When simple, obvious, and relevant questions are going systematically unanswered, sensible people start getting suspicious.

- The CCTV footage alone should have made it immediately and perfectly clear which train the alleged bombers took.  So, why did the government have to change its official story when independent freelance researchers, concerned that the official story didn’t add up, discovered that the first train the bombers were said to have caught was actually cancelled that day?  How would the government with all its access to different agencies have got such a basic and crucial fact wrong, and then refuse to change their story for so long? If they got the very first part of the timeline wrong, how can we trust the rest?  WHERE’s ALL the CCTV footage and how is keeping it hidden a “matter of national security” when the authorities have already stated exactly what the footage would show?  Shouldn’t the government be made to prove their claims, with evidence, like everyone else?  Or are they now above the law?

-Why did multiple eyewitness reports from people actually there on 7/7 say the floors in the trains blew upwards, as if the bombs were placed below the carriages, not downwards, as would be the case if the explosions were truly the result of backpack bombs?

-Why did the BBC, Channel 5, and other mainstream news sources report within hours of the bombings that multiple bombers had been “neutralized” (killed) by armed police in the Docklands area, and why were those reports never repeated or re-discussed?

-Graphic-design veterans analyzed in detail the lone CCTV image released from 7/7, then claimed it had been badly manipulated.  Why hasn’t this been investigated at all?  Why was only one lone still-image released to begin with?  Where’s all the evidence?

These are just a few of the many basic questions that remain unanswered more than 5 years after the event.  WHY?

For the latest updates on Mr. Hill’s trial and how to get involved, please visit:             ***WAKE UP Britain!!!***

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