16.12.10 Bail hearing - Bail for Assange but no bail for Muad'Dib!

This just in - Muad'Dib has today been denied bail, shortly after Julian Assange's bail was granted.

Before the bail-hearing, the courtroom was cleared of all members of the public and anyone else that was not "legally" participating in the case.  This is something known as having a hearing “in chambers”, though, in practice, people don't actually goto the judge’s chambers.  The courtroom is cleared of anyone the judge doesn't want there instead.

So, no friends of Muad'Dib were able to be in the courtroom and witness first-hand what actually occurred and they were only informed after the court-hearing by a lawyer in the hallway.

Based upon what was reported back by the lawyer present, the judge’s main issue was that Muad'Dib would “re-offend” by contacting other people while on bail.  The judge made specific note of the 7/7 inquest going on (which is a show "trial" where the criminals "investigate" themselves).  There was apparently other things shared in court which could have been easily responded to by any of us that know what is really going on out in the world, but that is probably why the judge kicked everyone who knew anything about Muad'Dib and his situation out of the courtroom.  The lone lawyer handling the case, who has never even spoken with Muad'Dib, nevermind knows anything about him, was therefore ill-equipped to handle the situation.  The fact that Muad'Dib had already been out on bail for about a year and a half and had not "re-offended" made no difference to the judge.  Logic and sensibility are not aspects of modern-day British "justice".
Muad'Dib will now be held in prison through the New Year and into at least the middle of January when his FIRST chance to actually deal with this case will occur, about 50 days after he had been extradited.  He will have had to wait about 50 days in jail just to go to court to tell them he's innocent and then some.  Incredible.
Yes, about 50 days for Muad'Dib to even get his first real day in court after the so-called authorities have pulled every trick they can to keep an innocent and Just Man imprisoned for speaking the Truth.
We are still hoping to make another bail application at Muad'Dib's first hearing in court, and most likely will need to include more money to put in the judge's account to satisfy him.  The small sum of 1,500GBP we were able to gather for the initial bail hearing just didn't cut it.  So, if anyone out there is able, any donations for Muad'Dib's bail fund would be incredibly appreciated and a link can be found on this website where to donate.  Even if we can get up to 2,000GBP, that would hopefully help alongside other efforts.
-Friends of Muad'Dib
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