07.03.11 Muad’Dib’s Upcoming Bail Hearing

Will they bring Him to court this time?   UPDATE:-  No! THEY failed again!

Update:  Word has come back that the prison and court service failed to bring Muad'Dib to His own hearing, once again.  This is now the third time He hasn’t been produced out of the four hearings He’s had.  It is getting a bit ridiculous, but is also to be expected due to the proven corrupt nature of the “justice” system.  It has been arranged in person with the court’s listing office and the prison service for Muad’Dib to finally be produced tomorrow, Tuesday the 8th of March.  It will be the last chance offered to these people for them to do their basic jobs before much more active efforts are undertaken.


This Monday the 7th of March, Muad’Dib is scheduled to be in court again.  The hearing is yet another attempt to get a fair bail hearing for Muad’Dib.  This will be the fourth bail hearing, NONE of which Muad’Dib has actually been present for.  Twice now, the prison service has actually disobeyed direct orders from judges and failed or refused to produce Muad’Dib at court for His own hearings.  It goes without saying that there is no guarantee they will do their job this time either.

However, many people will now be watching in court, and from afar, keenly interested in how the circumstances play out.  If the prison service continues failing to do one of their most basic duties of bringing people to court when required, a writ of Habeas Corpus will be issued, demanding that Muad’Dib be immediately produced in front of the High Court for those running the prison to explain their gross negligence.

Let us all hope that such extreme measures are not necessary, but many people have become very suspicious that a 62-year-old British political prisoner is being held under very suspect circumstances and is not even being brought to His own court dates.  To note, failing to bring a prisoner to court is by no means a common occurence with people accused of non-political crimes.  So it is very difficult to see this having happened twice already with Muad'Dib, and shrug it off as a "coincidence".

Given the nature of all political prosecutions, the State should be expected to act with the most extreme of care and caution, in order for the public to fully believe that there is no malicious intent.  In all proceedings, but especially ones of a political nature, it is imperative that Justice is not only done, but it is seen as being fairly administered by the greater public, as well as the accused themselves.

Time will tell, but if Muad’Dib is once again not produced for His own court hearing on Monday, the State will be shooting themselves in the foot, as a very loud and active public outcry will ensue.

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